I have ABS light on.

49 Posts. I am trying to replace the brake rotor and have disassembled the rear hub only to read more.

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I recommend doing it with a press. . 55K subscribers.

Do not use an impact wrench for removal or installation.

Just wondered how you got the rear axle shaft out? Can I simply remove the splined bolts at the differential (and the axle driveshaft bolt) - which will allow enough access to withdraw the shaft completely. . Unfasten the four hub/bearing-to-knuckle attaching bolts, then remove the hub/bearing assembly.

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CAUTION: Damage to the rear brake anti-lock sensor (2C190) may occur if it is not removed before the axle shaft.

class=" fc-falcon">2005 gmc c4500.

I had the ABS, traction control, and hill start assist lights turn on, and after reading the codes found a broken tone ring on the driver's rear hub. Incorrect fitting of seal! 1.

. If the ABS module is at fault, advise on the best.

Left 94-95 rear sensor is Ford P/N F4ZZC190CB Motorcraft P/N BRAB35.
class=" fc-falcon">Repairs by C-Top.
Jun 30, 2009 · Measure the location of the old ring before removing it.

Disconnect the negative battery cable.

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Installation. If equipped, detach the ABS electrical harness. Seal fitted too deep.

Lightly grease the lip of the installed seal and install the axle assembly. Now look for bolts that hold in place your abs ring; these should be located around where your axle connects with your hub assembly. it will shrink fit onto the shaft as it cools. I am trying to replace the brake rotor and have disassembled the rear hub only to read more. out of the mounting bracket. .


Some of axle bearing. .

I have ABS light on.

Diagnostically inspect the ABS system.



Push axle shaft toward center of vehicle, and remove "C" lock from inner end of shaft.